Altay Mobile Lab - cod:4915.00
Altay mobile labAll you need for physics, chemistry and biology experimentsin a compact and mobile cartThis is a stand alone system designed for 11-15 years old students and particularly useful for...

Size: approx. 92x65x148 cm (height/depth/width)
Weight: approx. 180 kg
Bosshead - cod:5401.22
This Bosshead is the simplest solution to clamp 10 mm diameter rods. Made of hard PVC, is inexpensive but really durable.

Bunsen Burner with Accessories - cod:5511.00
General purpose Bunsen Burner for thermology experiments. The multigas Bunsen Burner is available in nickelplated brass on a chromium plated steel base. The unit also comes with a gas control...

Connecting Leads - cod:2522.02-14
Fundamental to all electrical and electronics experiments. These flexible leads allow rapid connection with low contact resistance between laboratory equipment. Fitted with four mm stackable plugs at...

Dual-Range Force Sensor Adapter - cod:4114.11-003
The Dual-Range Force Sensor Adapter allows the use of the Vernier Dual-Range Force Sensor (code 2311.10) with the Force Table (code 4114.11); with it, it's easy to acquire data and to have more...

Size: approx. 4x1x10 cm
Weight: 0.2 kg
Extension Clamp with Rod - cod:5416.20
Extension clamps are available in painted aluminium in various sizes. Ranging from a minimum of 5 mm to a maximum of 80 mm. Clamps have cork-lined jaws that make them particularly suitable when...

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