Electricity System 1 - cod:4866.19
This comprehensive system provides a strong foundation for studies in electricity and electronics. Electricity System 1 is designed as a perfect introduction to the basic fundamentals of electricity...

Size: 50.0x45.0x15.0 cm
Weight: approx. 5.5 kg
Packing: durable carry case in aluminium with internal foam
Electricity System 2 - cod:4866.29
An advanced electricity lab for electrical circuit projects. The Electricity System 2 is an advanced system designed to teach practical applications in circuits. The system completes and can be used...

Size: 50.0x45.0x15.0 cm
Weight: 5.0 kg
Packing: external suitcase in aluminium carry case
Electronics System 1 - cod:4868.19
A comprehensive system introducing the principles of electronics. The Electronics System 1 is designed to be rugged and easy to use. Assemble and teach electronic circuits and principles with the...

Size: 50.0x45.0x15.0 cm
Weight: 4.5 kg
Packing: external suitcase in aluminium, internal foam for prevent accidental shock
Electronics System 2 - cod:4868.29
An advanced electronics system for circuit projects, analysis and circuit testing. Electronics System 2 consists of a set of components mounted in handy to use plug-in "blocks" with two or...

Size: 50.0x45.0x15.0 cm
Weight: 4.0 kg
Packing: comes with aluminium carry case with foam inserts