Mechanics System 2 - cod:4861.29
An advanced low friction dynamics system to study elastic and inelastic collisions between carts. The Mechanics System 2 allows us to verify many kinematics and dynamics principles by using a low...

Size: 50.0x45.0x15.0 cm
Weight: approx. 8.0 kg
Packing: external suitcase in aluminium, internal foam to prevent accidental shock
Heat System - cod:4862.19
Study thermology with this compact and easy to use system. This system introduces basic concepts of thermodynamics and heat experiments. It provides a framework for understanding and quantitatively...

Size: 75.0x55.0x20.0 cm
Weight: approx. 12.0 kg
Packing: durable aluminium carry case with foam inserts
Mechanics System 1 - cod:4861.19
An introductory system to study basic mechanics. Our high quality Mechanics System 1 comes in a heavy duty carry-case for ease of storage. Simple to set-up with all components easily accessible. The...

Size: 50.0x45.0x15.0 cm – Weight: 7.4 kg
Packing: external suitcase in aluminium, internal foam for prevention accidental breakage.
Mechanics System 3 - cod:4861.39
A basic introductory mechanics system for mechanics of fluids. Mechanics System 3 introduces the basic concepts of fluid dynamics. The system provides a useful framework to understand and study...

Case 1
Size: 75/75x55/55x20/20 cm
Weight: approx. 9/9 kg
Packing: external suitcase in aluminium, internal foam for prevention of accidental breakage
Case 2
Size: 124x28x12 cm
Weight: approx. 4 kg