Bar Magnets - cod:4611.65
Red in colour, with north pole marked with dimple. Boxed in pairs with keepers

Material: ALNICO
Size: 5.0x5.0x3.0 cm
Chrome Steel Bar Magnets - cod:4611.50
Painted in two colours for North and South, with keeper. Supplied by pair, in plastic case.

Size: 15.0x10.0x3.0 cm
Cylindrical Magnets - cod:4611.18
Cylindrical magnets, supplied in pairs

Material: ALNICO
Size: 10.0x10.0x15.0 cm
Demonstration Compass - cod:4614.50
Study the cardinal points with a compass. Our Demonstration Compass consists of a simple magnetic needle on a compass map. Our compass makes it extremely easy to demonstrate the cardinal points of a...

Size: 17.0x17.0x5.0 cm (dia. x height)
Magnetic needle: 10 cm length
Ferrite Magnet - cod:4612.09
Magnetised through thickness.

Size: 5.0x5.0x5.0 cm
Horseshoe Flat Magnet - cod:4611.72
Painted, with keeper, in plastic case

Material: chrome steel
Size: 10.0x10.0x15.0 cm
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