Altay Cart with Plunger - cod:4941.13
The cart includes a spring loaded plunger mechanism that can be released to provide an immediate impulse to set another cart in motion and to provide an initial impulse velocity. The plunger has two...

Size: 15.0x10.0x10.0 cm
Weight: 0.5 kg
Altay Cart without Plunger - cod:4941.12
Elastic and inelastic collisions with our new cart ideal for all dynamics experiments, the all new Altay Cart is an ideal companion for the Plunger Cart. Designed to be robust yet almost friction...

Size: 15.0x10.0x10.0 cm
Weight: 0.5 kg
Coupled Pendulum Set - cod:4941.16
Studying the coupled oscillators effect. Simple to set up and highly eff ective, the coupled pendulums transfer energy one to the other thanks to a thin string that couples them. This system allows...

Eddy Current Set - cod:4941.51
Studying the Foucault Currents. The Altay Eddy Current Set is the simplest and more eff ective way to study Eddy Currents and all the principles concerning them. An eddy current is reproduced by...

EM Trigger & Launcher for Cart - cod:4941.17
An automatic trigger/launcher for dynamics experiments. The new Altay EM Trigger & Launcher for Cart is an ideal complement to the Mechanics Upgrade 1. It allows a repeatability impossible to...

Specially designed to fit on Altay Track Set (code 4954.12)
Mechanics Upgrade 2 - cod:4941.21
With our Mechanics Upgrade 2 you can use the Altay Track in a vertical plane to study free fall and motion of the pendulum. The study of free fall and the pendulum is one of the most fundamental...

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