Bar and Gauge - cod:4200.15
Simple instrument to show thermal expansion of solids. For demonstration of solids expansion. Steel bar on rod with wooden handle. U-shaped gauge, sliding fit over ends of bar, with holes 12 mm...

Steel bar: length 110 mm, diam. 12 mm
Rod with wooden handle: length 200 mm
Bimetal Strip with Electric Contact - cod:4200.80
Simple demonstrator for thermal expansion. A simple device that shows how we can use two different metals joined together to produce a thermostat. The apparatus consists of a bimetal strip that...

Size: 15.0x15.0x15.0 cm
Weight: 0.2 kg
Mounted on base, with electrical plugs for electric contacts
Compound Bar - cod:4200.60
Simple instrument to study thermal expansion. Demonstrates how the unequal expansion of different metals may be used for practical applications (principle of bimetallic thermostats, switches, etc.)....

Length 300 mm
Expansion of Liquids Apparatus - cod:4210.32
Discover the relative coefficient of expansion of different liquids. Illustrates the different expansion of liquids and allows for the determination of the relative coefficient of expansion....

Overall dimensions: 40.0x15.0x40.0 cm
Gravesande Ball and Ring - cod:4200.10
Simple and effective piece of equipment for qualitative experiments. A concrete demonstration of the cubic thermal expansion of a solid. Ring and ball on chain with 2 wooden handles. The ball passes...

Length of the bar 130 mm
Length of the chain 100 mm
Gunther Expansion Apparatus - cod:4200.22
With Altay’s Gunther Expansion Apparatus, students can accurately and easily investigate the expansion of metals with increasing temperature. This is an ideal apparatus for determining the...

Size: 60.0x15.0x10.0 cm
Weight: approx. 2.1 kg
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