Joule’s Law Unit for Calorimeter - cod:4230.65
Joule’s Law: electricity and thermodynamics. The Joule’s Law Unit for Calorimeter is used to demonstrate the thermal effect of currents and the specific heat of a fluid. Add this...

Specifi cally developed for our Mixing Calorimeter
Resistances: 1, 2, 3 Ω
4 mm jacks for power supply
Mechanical Equivalent of Heat Apparatus - cod:4235.10
Joule’s most important experiment, converting mechanical work to thermal energy. how to turn mechanical energy into heat. Using the rotationcounter and a falling mass it is possible, using a...

Size: 30.0x30.0x25.0 cm
Inclusive of clamp for table mounting
Mixing Calorimeter - cod:4230.60
Ideal apparatus for simple experiments in thermodynamics. The Mixing Calorimeter is used for the study of heat characteristics of masses. The apparatus has been insulated from the surrounding...

Size: 15.0x15.0x25.0 cm
Weight: 1.0 kg
Thermal Conductivity Apparatus - cod:4210.73
Simple apparatus to show thermal expansions in introductory physics courses. Demonstrates the different thermal conductivity of four different metal rods (brass, copper, aluminium, iron). With wooden...

Total length: approx. 35 cm
Thermal Expansion Bar - cod:4200.18
Simple and effective piece of equipment to show thermal expansion. A model to demonstrate the change of diameter of a metal rod when heated including brass rod with insulated handle. Mounted on...

Plastic base: dimensions approx. 12x12 cm
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