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Force Table - code: 4114.11

The Altay Force Table is ideal for teaching composition and addition of vectors and provides an ideal platform for determination and addition of forces. Also known as a Varignon Table, our quality Force Table comes complete with a set of weights and self clamping low friction pulleys to allow accurate measurement of resultant vectors sums and associated angle measurements. The Altay Force Table is easy to set up by simply attaching weights (forces) to the mass holder and attach to central ring, which then hangs over the edge of the table through the pulleys. By varying the magnitude the forces and moving the pulleys to adjust the angles, you can easily measure the resolving angles using the printed protractor on top of table A bubble level bob is also supplied for increased accuracy.
Equipment suggested
Dual Range Force Sensor (code 2311.10)
LabPro (code 2300.10)
or LabQuest (code 2300.30)
or Go!Link (code 2320.30)
  • Balancing force
  • Concept of force
  • Direction of a force
  • Equilibrium of a material point
  • Intensity of different forces
  • Measure the intensity of a force
  • Rule of the parallelogram