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Magnetic Board - code: 4114.30

A versatile solution to demonstrate mechanics, optics, electricity, electronics and radioactivity using a unique magnetic display board. The Altay Magnetic Display Board provides an excellent sturdy support for class demonstration of a wide variety of experiments in mechanics, optics, electricity, electronics and radioactivity. Consisting of a large white magnetic board, all components in the Upgrade kits are fitted with a strong magnet which allows easy attachment to the board. The board is printed with a graduated x-y axis to allow each experiment to be easily quantified and measured. The board can be free standing or affi xed to a wall with enclosed wall brackets. An integrated power supply is also included to allow attachment to accessories, such as a laser for example.
Embedded power supply
output 3.3 V – 5 V – 12 V DC, 1A
Compatible equipment
Mechanics Accessories Set (code 4114.35)
Falling Bodies Upgrade (code 4114.36)
Optics Accessories Set (code 4114.37)
Electricity System 1 (code 4866.10)
Electronics System 1 (code 4868.10)
Radioactivity Bench (code 4832.00)