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Linear Air Track System - code: 4132.10

A frictionless system to explore kinematics. The most fundamental law of physics states that a moving object will continue forever at a constant velocity unless it is acted on by an external force. With our near frictionless linear motion track, this observation is made easy to understand. The Air Track can be used to obtain an accurate investigation of the laws of motion. Students can discover inelastic collisions, impulse and change in momentum, conservation of momentum, conservation of energy and more in our two meters long track. Because the frictional forces are negligible, the data derived will always be accurate.
Equipment needed:
Air Blower Set (code 4132.60)
Timing Set (code 4922.10)
  • Conservation of momentum
  • Conservation of momentum and energy
  • Description of a trajectory
  • Determination of the velocity of the constant linear motion
  • Effect of a force on the motion of an object
  • Elastic collisions
  • Experiments with kinetic and potential energy
  • Inelastic collisions
  • Investigating acceleration
  • Investigating Newton’s 1st Law of Motion
  • Investigating Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion
  • Looking at linear oscillating systems on a track
  • Mixed motions: medium range speed, instantaneous speed, parabolic time chart
  • Principle of Inertia
  • Principles of the inertial mass systems
  • Rectilinear uniform motion on a track
  • Uniform accelerated rectilinear motion
  • Uniformly mixed motion, speed and acceleration