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Spouting Jar - code: 4180.44

Easily demonstrate the various pressures of liquids.
The Spouting Jar Apparatus gives a very nice classroom demonstration of the laws governing pressure in fluids.
The apparatus consists of a metal column filled with water which spouts out along the vertical column through rubber tubes fixed along its length.
The experiment will clearly show the direct relationship between the pressure of the liquid and length of the ejected water column through each spout.

Example of use
The most immediate application of this apparatus is the quantitative verification of the Stevino’s Law. This law relates liquid pressure to the atmospheric pressure (Patm), the density (ρ) of the fluid, the gravity acceleration (g) and the height (h) of the water column.
Right away students can notice a remarkable difference between the three spouts and applying the basic laws of kinematics,
they can relate the velocity of the outgoing water with the pressure (P) of the liquid at that height. It follows the linearity of Stevino’s Law.

Stevino’s Law

  • Stevino’s Law