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Expansion of Liquids Apparatus - code: 4210.32

Discover the relative coefficient of expansion of different liquids. Illustrates the different expansion of liquids and allows for the determination of the relative coefficient of expansion. Consisting of five glass bulbs with stem, total height 400 mm; mounted against a plastic stand, with 5 scales graduated in mm. Complete with metal trough for the uniform and simultaneous heating of the 5 glass bulbs.
Equipment needed
Alcohol Thermometer -10°C ÷ 110°C (code 2245.15)
or Mercury Thermometer -10°C ÷ 110°C (code 2240.15)
Equipment suggested
Stainless Steel Temperature Probe (code 2314.20)
LabPro (code 2300.10)
or LabQuest (code 2300.30)
or Go!Link (code 2320.30)
  • Coefficient of expansion
  • Expansion of liquids (relative expansion)