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Mechanics Upgrade 1 - code: 4941.14

The Mechanics Upgrade 1 will give you a complete Dynamics System, with low friction carts and full accessories. It is designed to perform experiments such as energy and/or momentum conservation, elastic and inelastic collisions, rolling friction, coupled harmonic oscillators, etc. If you add further accessories to the Altay Carts, you can perform many more experiments as well as interesting demonstrations.
Equipment needed
Altay Track Set (code 4954.12)
Timing Set (code 4922.10)
or LoggerPro Data Logger (code 2300.10)
or Labquest (code 2300.30)
with Two Motion Sensors (code 2310.10)
  • Acceleration
  • Conservation of momentum and energy
  • Coupled harmonic oscillators
  • Determination of acceleration and velocity
  • Elastic and inelastic collisions
  • Impulse-momentum theorem
  • Kinetic and potential energy
  • Law of Inertia
  • Newton’s 1st Law of Motion
  • Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion
  • Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion
  • Qualitative and quantitative rolling friction
  • Rectilinear uniform motion
  • Uniform accelerated rectilinear motion